Is your business Documentelligent?

The success of your business is dependent on hard work, but what about smart work? Is your company’s workflow as efficient and economical as it can be?

Copier Fax Business Technologies, now known as “CFBT” is an office technology provider, specializing in hardware, software, IT, and document management. Our exclusive process called Documentelligence™, allows us to convert your office into a “smart office” by creating a custom solution to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and maximize your document security.

Family-owned and operated since 1990, CFBT is headquartered in downtown Buffalo, New York with a second location in Rochester, New York. We believe that relationships are monumental, and we’re committed to the support and growth of our Western New York community.

As a nationally ranked technology provider, we offer award-winning customer service, along with a wide range of hardware and software solution options for your office. Call us today, and learn more about how our Documentelligence™ process can improve your office’s workflow while saving you time and money.


An all encompassing program that creates a "smart office," with all of your solutions working together!

CFBT offers a wide array of devices to fit your business needs.  This includes multifunctional devices, including copiers, printers and scanners.


Documentelligence™ provides numerous software solutions for cost accounting, document conversion, advanced workflow automation and security.


We take a proactive approach when managing your technology. This helps minimize problems, reduce threats and keep your network secure.


Digitize any and all of your paper documents. Save money, time and space while protecting your confidential files and information for eternity.


CFBT offers high-quality, indoor and outdoor cameras with professional software that can be viewed from anywhere.


Documentelligence™ helps you take advantage of modern phone solutions and will increase your productivity and your bottom line.


With all systems, safety, and compliance are our top priority both physically and digitally.  Our software safety and compliance solutions work hand-in-hand with the hardware products.


In order to provide excellent service, CFBT believes in having the best team in the business.  We are always committed to excellent service and support.




We have customized Office Technology Solutions that address the various challenges of each industry!